Elsa Frohman is an editor at a daily newspaper, who for reasons known only to the Doctor, finds herself compelled to write, edit and draw in her so called, "spare" time. She lives with her dog, D'Artagnan, in a Detroit suburb, though she dreams of living the artist's life in London. BTW, she insists that her dog is Michael York, NOT Chris O'Donnell; and the rumors about what's on the ceiling of her guest bedroom are vastly exaggerated.

Erin Tumilty (St.) is the proud president of half a dozen non-exsistant clubs and spends entirely too much time rummaging about in the backs of wardrobes.

Trina L. Short is a physics teacher who likes to dabble in fanfiction. She reads the BBC and Virgin books and thinks they're more canon than the TV series (or something). She submitted to Dreamtime because it is her destiny and because Elsa told her to. (The lovely picture of Turlough that Elsa painted for her was NO incentive whatsoever, honest!)

Ana Cotton has been writing stories in her head since the age of fifteen when (*gasp* horror!) she discovered Wil Wheaton on ST:TNG, and decided to write him a girlfriend. It is quite fortunate for all that she is way past this stage. Ana now concentrates on such odd things as Buffy/DrWho/Excalibur fanfic. And contents herself with the fact that Wesley left ST:TNG finally.

Shirley Cole is a single mom of 2 kids and a cat. She turned to writing as a hobby to relieve stress. One of her favorite things to do is to write really bad poetry, on purpose, about obnoxious bureaucrats. She has found that this is safer than some, erm, previous solutions, and less likely to get her arrested. She can be found on DALnet on #drwhochat under the nick, erisann.

Marion Saunderson This Canuck has been a poet for many years but following the showing of the Eighth Doctor movie in 1996, I started to write stories again. They include an original novel as well as Doctor Who, Sentinel and Methos stories and very soon, a radio play. I am a proud member of the PMEB and British Mercury, both dedicated to celebrating Paul McGann, who so deftly delivered the Eighth Doctor along with so many other parts. I do not really have a lonely log cabin in the Gatineau Hills but I can dream. Also it is not true my cat is the real author of my stories. She only adds colour commentary.

Miss Rori Stevens has much to her surprise become what would seem to be the PMEB's resident poet. She hopes she has not shamed the position by holding it. She lives with her family in Morton, IL because she is too socially awkward to interact with most people outside her home.

Alden Bates Free to a good home: One 25-year-old computer programmer. House trained, does tricks for pictures of Bonnie Langford, answers to "Alden Bates", "you silly sod" or "oi you!". Shots required. (Well, 25 in September, but that's not too far away anyway.)

Jason Fraser is a young student with a weird, inexplicable talent for cartooning. He lives in Sydney, Australia and thinks he should draw more serious artwork but the little voice inside his head tells him not to.

Nghaire Collins is 20, lives in Wales and is owned by 2 cats, a rabbit and three goldfish. Her ambition in life is to actually have one, as she ran out of them after meeting Paul McGann. Supporter of Liverpool FC for nine years - which seems to be the last nine years that the team hasn't won anything; as a result she's starting to wonder if she's a jinx. Occasionally writes something resembling a coherent story.

Stephanie Linz-Gould is lucky enough to make a living doing what she really enjoys: playing on the computer. Between work and taking care of her three boys (husband plus two sons) she likes to fill her time with artwork, writing stories in her head (which occasionally make it into print,) writing limericks and being a general nuisance.

Judi Grant is an accomplished writer, artist, sculptress, inventor, philosopher and all around Rennaisance woman. However when she's not daydreaming, she's a lawyer. This is her first published short story.

Mary Ellen Sandahl lives in New Jersey, USA, and makes up for a rackety youth (anti-war demonstrator, go-go dancer, waitress, polar explorer) by leading a quiet, chaste existence. Does a mixture of computer graphics and copywriting for money, comes home, feeds the cats, and illustrates for love. Very happy to have found the PMEB and all its charming people, and to have met Paul in London -- he seemed wonderfully familiar, somehow! Visi d'arte, visi d'amore.