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A word about copyrights

Sometimes, you'd think that "copyright" is a dirty word in fandom. Everytime we write a bit of fan fiction, technically, we're stepping on someone's copyright. Technically ...

However, it's important to remember that copyrights make the production of the books, films, television shows and music we love possible. Without copyrights, artists would not be entitled to conpensation for their work. Television production companies would be powerless to stop TV stations from offering their program content, without having to pay a writers and actors and production people to produce it.

Intellectual property has value and copyrights ensure that people who create have to right to control their work.

So, how do we reconcile that with Dreamtime, an electronic publication that features material linked to a variety of copyrighted original properties?

We offer these stories with no intention of damaging the value of anyone's intellectual property. No money has changed hands. No author or artist has been paid for the works displayed here. And no reader will be charged to subscribe to Dreamtime.

We encourage all readers to go back and enjoy the original works these stories and pictures were based on.

However, if any holder of the legitimate copyright to any character used in Dreamtime objects to its use here, we will remove it without protest.

And while we understand the Web well enough to know that there is virtually nothing we can do to stop you from right clicking on the artwork displayed here and downloading it for your own, we would ask you to respect the rights of the artists and at least give credit where credit is due.

-- Elsa Frohman, Aug. 1, 1998

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