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Paul McGann as Jussac in The Three Musketeers

Taking a Dive
By Elsa Frohman
A story of M. de Jussac, with apologies to Alexandre Dumas and none whatsoever to Chris O'Donnell.
Artwork by Elsa Frohman
Title graphic for Uneasy Jreems

Uneasy Jreems
By Alden Bates
An adventure in the Time Vortex with the Eighth Doctor and Sam.
Artwork by Elsa Frohman
Drawing of Paul McGann as Giovanni Cariani
By Edana
A story of Italian painter Giovanni Cariani. By the way, Tenebroso is a style of painting, very dark, with an emphasis on shadows.
Artwork by Edana
Illustration for Persistence of Memory
of Memory

By Nghaire Collins
An Eighth Doctor adventure introducing Alryssa, a Time Lady.
Artwork by Nghaire Collins
Drawing of Paul McGann as Father Liam from The Hanging Gale
The Temptation
of Father Liam

By Judi Grant
The last of Father Liam Phelan's family has left Ireland, deep in the grip of the potato blight, for America.
Artwork by Elsa Frohman
Drawing of Mark Strickson as Vislor Turlough
Decision Time
By Trina Short
Vislor Turlough knows what he wants, and how to achieve it. But should he?
Artwork by Elsa Frohman
First Doctor cartoon
Doctor Who and the Flower Planet
By Trina Short
A First Doctor adventure. Hmmm?
Artwork by Jason Fraser
Illustration for Midnight Snack
Midnight Snack
By Marion

Something's hungry ... Can the Eighth Doctor talk his way out of this one?
Artwork by Vicky

The Master
Librarian of Siblu

By Marion Saunderson
The Eighth Doctor visits an old friend, and learns something in the process.
Artwork by Elsa Frohman


Portrait of Paul McGann as Potemkin
Paul McGann as

Lover of Catherine the Great
By Mary Ellen Sandahl
Teletubbies crossover cartoon
The Eighth Doctor
meets the Teletubbies

By Stephanie Linz-Gould


Greek God of Death
Death Has Stood
At My Shoulder

By Marion Saunderson
William of Orange crest
There Are Men
Standing At Drumcree

By Marion Saunderson
Mouse picture
A TARDIS' Lament
By Marion Saunderson
The Doc in the Hat
By Shirley Cole
Artwork by Elsa Frohman
Costume sketch from A Winter's Tale
I Wish I Could Be Your Rest and Comfort
By Rori Stevens


Silk and Jelly Babies
By Erin Tumilty
Once Upon a December
By Ana Cotton
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