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Guidelines for the November
Issue of Dreamtime

Yes, I'm already planning. I'd like the next issue to be bigger, deeper, splashier, wider, better, than the first.

First, I'd really like to see more artwork from more artists. I had a lot of fun doing illos for the first issue, but I'd like to see a wider variety of style and content. That means YOU. I want to see your artwork in Dreamtime. So, who's going to email me and volunteer? The address is:

As for Fiction, I want to have two "Special Projects" in the November issue.


The first will be a tribute to the 35th Anniversary of Doctor Who, which conveniently, also happens in November. For this, I'd like to have at least one story from each of the eight Doctors.

I'd like to have these stories loosely linked. Not so that they make a single larger narrative, but so that they have a common element. That element will be the number "35." It doesn't have to be central to the story, just have it in there. You might have the Doctor visit an address on 35th Street, or read the instructions on page 35 of the TARDIS manual, or meet a character who is 35 years old.


The other special project comes from an idea of Steph's. The concept is creating an *original* character to be played by Paul in your story, that can be set in any time period, any genre, and location. The idea is to be as imaginative as possible. Mystery? Sci-Fi? Historical Drama? Contemporary Romance? Thriller? All the fields are open. The only requirement is that you have a character that would be played by Paul McGann in the story.

I'll still be accepting stories that key off any existing McGann role, as well as poetry, filk and anything else you think I should have a look at.

I'd also like to see some essays in the next issue. These would be critical reviews of anything Who releated or McGann related, or simply ruminations on the state of Fandom, McGanndom, or anything Random.

The general guidelines, which apply to both the Special Projects, and general submissions are as follows:

  1. The deadline is Oct. 15. Let me be clear about the meaning of "deadline." I'd like to have your work in my hands on that date. You can propose a story anytime before that, and YOU MAY TURN IN YOUR WORK BEFORE THAT. The deadline is the LAST day for submissions. Those of you who have done web pages know that putting up a page is a bit more than uploading some files. There's a lot of coding to be done. And as the editor, I'd like to have time to go over your work in detail and work with you to make it as good as it can possibly be. Submissions turned in at midnight on the deadline can't get that sort of attention.

    If you've promised a story or poem or artwork, and you're running into trouble finishing on time TALK TO ME! I'm not an authoritarian. I won't make you sit in the corner with a pointed hat. I can bend the deadlines IF I KNOW YOU'RE STILL WORKING. But to get an extension, YOU HAVE TO TALK TO ME.

  2. Romance is fine. Sex is fine, if it's muted and held in the PG-13 range. Dreamtime will not be carrying graphic erotica. I've got nothing against that, mind you, but the host ISP I'm using has a rule against it. As long as we don't use any anatomical terms, keep the clinches discreet, have some maidenly fade outs, we won't get in any trouble. Sex is not required, nor is it banned. We just have to be careful how we use it.

  3. All works should be original and not previously published.

  4. Artwork can be submitted electronically or as hard copy. If you need a snail-mail address, email me at

  5. Stories should be 15,000 words or less. We will start considering longer works with this issue, to be serialized. But I'd like to see enough of a longer work to know it's going to continue. I don't want to start anything and leave the readers hanging.

  6. Electronic fiction submissions should be in plain text form (ASCII text if you use Word Perfect), or Microsoft Rich Text (which allows you to have italics and font changes if you need them for your story). While I can handle Word for Windows format, it isn't the best thing to submit in, since I have to convert it to text to put it in HTML form. Any art work you want with your story should be submitted separately, with places marked in the text where you want the art inserted. While you can embed images in a Word file, they aren't accessible to me for web purposes if you do that.

    If you have any questions about the formats for submitting your work, email me at and we'll talk about it. WordPad, Word for Windows, Word Perfect and Microsoft Works are all adequate word processors for our purposes. However if you're using Word Perfect or Microsoft Works, let me know and I'll tell you how to save you work to make it easier for me to use.

    7. If there's a seventh guideline, I've forgotten what it is...
So, now it's your turn. I'm dying to hear from you. Whatcha got for me?

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