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I Wish I Could Be
Your Rest and Comfort

By Rori Stevens

I wish I could be your rest and comfort
My arms would always be open to you
My bed would have a place for you to sleep
My warmth would gently soothe your jangled nerves

I wish I could be your secret-keeper
My shoulder offered for crying upon
My ears open for hearing your sorrows
My voice dispensing the wisest advice

I wish I could heal all your many wounds
My tears could fade the bruises on your skin
My kisses could mend both your broken hearts
My embraces could restore your spirit

I wish I could be your personal knight
My cause would be your own - both are the same
My place would be beside you evermore
My death would be for all you hold so dear

I wish ... you could requite my love, my heart
But you cannot -- we both understand this
But it's not your fault, and I still love you
But I weep that I can't be all I wished

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