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What if Dr. Suess wrote
Dr. Who, the TV Movie?

Who are you?
You are Who!

I know your face,
Your name is Grace!

How do you know my name is Grace
When I have never seen your face?
I do not know you, You are Who,
I do not know you, nor do you.

I do not know me this may be,
But I do know you know me.
I do not know you, go away!
I just don't need this crap today.

But I need to find a clock.
The one on board my ship is stopped,
and it won't go tick tock, tick tock.

I don't believe you, barefoot stranger,
That the whole world is in danger.
Get away from out my sight
before I call the men in white.
(sheeesh, must be full moon tonight!)

OK, we're going for a ride.
Here's our transport, get inside.
They know exactly where they're going.
(Look how Bruce's eyes are glowing!)

Don't you know that it's a crime,
to spit on people, poisoned slime?
Who cares? I do it all the time!

Officer Mike, has a bike.
Can we use it Mister Mike?
Will you let us ride your bike?

You can not ride it, You are Who,
It isn't done, that just won't do.
because this bike, issued to me,
belongs to the L.A.P.D.

Would you let us ride it, maybe
if we gave you jelly babies?
You cannot ride it, You are Who.
Now what is SHE about to do?


Well, since I have no radio,
and no partic'lar place to go,
since you took away my shooter,
go ahead and ride my scooter.

See that clock upon the wall?
We cannot take that clock at all!
It is too big and way to tall.
That clock will make our poor bike fall!

The whole darn clock we do not need.
We only need its batteries.

Still the TARDIS will not go.
It won't go fast, It won't go slow.
It seems the motor is still dead.
(Then Grace bonks him in the head.)

Why did you hit me in the head,
and tie me to this rolling bed?
"I told her too!" the Master said,
I need your body, mine is dead.

You cannot have it Mister Master,
to do so would be disaster.
I WILL have it, You are Who,
There is nothing you can do.

Frozen on the Balcony,
Slowly, Grace begins to see.
Running quickly down the hall,
left to her to fix it all.

She makes the TARDIS work somehow,
The Master becomes TARDIS chow.
The universe is fixed again,
The friends walk out hand in hand.

Do you want to come away?
I cannot go, I have to stay.
Goodbyes are often sad, its true.
But I will miss you, You are Who.

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