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An alert I am sending
to a danger impending:
there is a mouse,
there is a mouse.
Oh Doctor, Doctor,
in me, your house,
A mouse.

A mouse is nibbling on my wiring
is chewing, chewing on my wiring.
Soon there will be erratic firing
of electrical design, some firing
if that mouse keeps nibbling wiring.

But more, there more I need to say
and if you listen, here's the way:
the mouse is in my circuits running.
he's found an entry; nasty, cunning.
now he's on my innards snacking.
soon I'll be no longer tracking
mouse or stars or suns exploding
oh those many suns exploding.

I do not care for little mice
I do not care for mice at all;
not mice short, not mice tall,
not twitchy whisker or tiny paws;
Where are farmers' wives with saws?
I would not, could not care for mice
I could not care for mice at all.

If you come not with screwdriver sonic,
open panels and delete mouse bionic,
we will be in a time loop locked,
oh lost, so lost in a time loop blocked,
lost in a time loop with a mouse,
this awful, awful, little mouse
in me, in me, your only house.

So my Doctor, only Doctor,
heed oh heed this warning timely,
speed oh speed and please kindly
come oh come and save your house
from one dangerous little mouse.

By Marion Saunderson
July 21, 1998
With affection for my other favourite Doctor.

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