Welcome to Dreamtime

Welcome to the third issue of Dreamtime.

In honor of February's best holiday, Valentine's Day, our theme this month is Romance. We have a selection of romantic stories and poems featuring the Eighth Doctor, as well as two themed entries in our continuing project, The McGann Challenge, that is, roles we'd like to see Paul McGann play.

The romance section of this issue of Dreamtime includes stories by:

But it doesn't stop there. This month's regular features include a satisfying selection of Doctor Who for just about everbody. We have the continuation of Beck McLaughlin's epic "Aliphor," along with two stories by Trina Short: A Seventh Doctor short story, and a novella featuring Vislor Turlough. But that's not all. Jay McIntyre has two stories for us, Loose Ends, and Counsel. And for the visually stimulated, we've got a lovely portrait of Paul McGann as Eugene Wrayburn by Denise Rajauski.

If you didn't catch the first two issues of Dreamtime, they're still on line. Have a look!

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