Fiction Index by Author

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Alden Bates
Uneasy Jreems, 8th, Sam

Kerry Blackwell
King of the Wood, McGann Challenge

Shirley Cole
The Doc in the Hat, 8th

Beth Connell
The Most Romantic Spot in the Universe, 8th

Anna Cotton
Once Upon a December, filk
Kidnapped, 2nd, Jamie, Victoria
Surprise, 3rd, Liz
Pryde Goeth Before a Fall, First
Wonderment and Knowing, Fiorenza

Becky Dowgiert
The Shirt, 8th, Sam

Tenebroso, Cariani

Paula French
Velvet, Silk, Linen, Skin, 8th, Sam

Elsa Frohman
Taking a Dive, Jussac, 3 Musketeers
A Small Problem on Flight 35, 5th
Suspension of Disbelief, 8th
Romantic, 4th, Sarah Jane
Graduation Day First
Welcome to Fiorenza, Fiorenza
The Lady Tower, Fiorenza
Wet Dream, 5th, 8th, Tegan
Boom Town, 8th
Magfadenia, 8th
Bacchanalia, Peri, 5th, and a McGann character to be named later
The Jewel of Dalega, 8th
A Fish Out of Water, 8th

Paul Gadzidowski
The EF Challenge, 8th-Andromeda X-over

Judi Grant
The Temptation of Father Liam, Father Liam (Hanging Gale)
Interview with a Time Lord, 8th

Kris Herzog
The Songs From a Distant Star, 8th, Sam
... Like Unto Ourselves, 8th, Sam

Becky Hinson
The EF Challenge, 8th

Alryssa Kelly
Persistence of Memory, 6th, Alryssa, Jane
Merch Y Ddraig Daughter of the Dragon, McGann Challenge
Touching the Void, McGann Challenge
The EF Challenge, 8th

Tom Kelly
The Eye of the Beholder, 8th
Afraid of the Dark (With Rhonda Scarborough), 8th

Stephanie Linz-Gould
Trying to Find China Town, First
The Falls, 8th

Emily Lupton
The EF Challenge, 8th

Jay McIntyre
Alone, 4th
The Unquiet Dead, 6th, Peri
Causality Engine, 8th, Sam, Fitz
Counsel, Chang Lee
Loose Ends, 8th, Fitz, Sam
Recruitment, Chang Lee
The Finding, Fiorenza
A Gift of Dust, Chang Lee
Fallout, Fiorenza
Memoires of an Edwardian Adventuress, 8th, Charlie

Beck McLaughlin
Aliphor, 8th
The Heretic, Fiorenza
Dragons of Kalin, 8th
The Healer of Jok, 8th

Estelle May
The Doctor Deflowered, 8th/Rocky Horror X-over
The EF Challenge, 8th

Noelle, McGann Challenge

Battered But Not Broken, Father Liam, (The Hanging Gale)

Denise Rajauski
Civic Duty, Joe Thompson (Nice Town)
Prelude, Eugene Wrayburn, (Our Mutual Friend)
The EF Challenge, 8th

Tim Rush
A Midsummer Day's Adventure, 6th, Peri
The Day the Sun Bled, Fiorenza

Mary Ellen Sandahl
The Last One, McGann Challenge

Marion Saunderson
Midnight Snack, 8th
The Master Librarian of Siblu, 8th
Death has Stood at My Shoulder, Poem
There are Men Standing at Drumcree, Poem
A TARDIS lament, Poem
Passages, 8th, et al
Ollam Mac Lir, 8th
The Key, First
Angayuk, Nukaq, Fiorenza, First

Trina Short
Doctor Who and the Flower Planet, First
Truth is Stranger than Fiction, 7th
What Goes Around Comes Around, 7th
PROBE's Adventure with the Man from Trion, Turlough, Liz
The Reluctant Wizard, Fiorenza, Turlough
Miracle on 23rd Street, 7th, Mel
My Kind of Town, 7th, 8th, Grace

Andie Stabler
Done Deal, Daniel Pascoe (Dealers)
Long Distance, McGann Challenge
The Ties that Bind, McGann Challenge
The EF Challenge, 8th, Skyler

Rori Stevens
I Wish I Could Be Your Rest and Comfort, Poem
Birthday Present, Poem
An Interlude for Odette and PaulDoc, Poem

James Thorpe
The EF Challenge, 8th, Sam

Erin Tumilty
Silk and Jelly Babies, Filk

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