Elsa Frohman is an editor at a daily newspaper, who for reasons known only to the Doctor, finds herself compelled to write, edit and draw in her so called, "spare" time. She lives with her dog, D'Artagnan, in a Detroit suburb, though she dreams of living the artist's life in London. BTW, she insists that her dog is Michael York, NOT Chris O'Donnell; and the rumors about what's on the ceiling of her guest bedroom are vastly exaggerated.

Marion Saunderson after many years of writing poetry, was inspired by the showing of the Eighth Doctor movie in 1996 to start doing stories again. They include an original novel as well as Doctor Who, Sentinel and Methos stories and, performed at the 1998 Visions con, a radio play. She is a proud member of the PMEB and British Mercury, both dedicated to celebrating Paul McGann, who so deftly delivered the Eighth Doctor and so many other terrific parts. It is not true her cat, Livia, is the real author of her stories. She only adds colour commentary and the occasional plot point.

Jay McIntyre also known as Arcalian, doesn't understand why these bios have to be in the third person. He's from Pennsylvania in the USA. He's trying to get several small press comic book projects off the ground, as well as cobbling together various submissions for BBC Books. Other than this, he's mainly known for being annoying on the PMEB email list and the IRC channel #drwhochat.

Beck McLaughlin is one of the PMEB's early members and credits the organization with giving her the necessary skills to deal with her internet addiction, fan fiction and adoration of The Clavicle.

Denise Rajauski lives in Philadelphia...she has been a member of the PMEB since last December and just recently received her first issue of British Mercury,thereby completing her slide into total Paulitis.

Ana Cotton has been writing stories in her head since the age of fifteen when (*gasp* horror!) she discovered Wil Wheaton on ST:TNG, and decided to write him a girlfriend. It is quite fortunate for all that she is way past this stage. Ana now concentrates on such odd things as Buffy/DrWho/Excalibur fanfic. And contents herself with the fact that Wesley left ST:TNG finally.

Kris "The Antiwesley" Herzog Once in a while, the world produces a genius of high caliber. Kris isn't one of them. He's darned close though. Writing for over 2 years, Kris continues on a family tradition started by a distant cousin or somesuch, who wrote for early TV/Radio soaps in the late 40's/ early 50's. Creator of many fictional worlds of his own, holder of far too many titles, he lives with his two owners, (read: cats) and chugs his way through life. (This is a lie. Kris is in fact, a cover ID for a group of sentient Radishes from the planet Saladia IV)

Timothy Rush is an avid young writer and graphic artist. His most recent project, currently in the planning stages, is enigmatically titled "Special Corps 569". Look at some of his other writings at http://members.xoom.com/DoctorWho2/lib.html.