Dreamtime, June 1999

Welcome to the fourth issue of Dreamtime. We've completed a full year of publishing now.

In this issue, we're looking at "Rites of Passage." The theme, unexpectedly resulted in three very similar stories. However, some suprises are windfalls. Take a look and see if you don't agree that we've managed to present three very different perspectives on the same event, with "Pryde Goeth Before a Fall," "The Key," and "Graduation Day."

Our other stories have a great deal to offer as well. In this issue we complete "Aliphor," Beck McLaughlin's Eighth Doctor novel. We also start a new journey with Jay McIntyre's "Long Road Back."

And for those who enjoy artwork, we have a particularly rich pair of offerings. Coreze Ford's fantasy painting shows Our Paul as a Centaur. And Denise Rajauski's selection is a portrait of Grisha Potemkin, from Catherine the Great.

As always, we invite you to read, look at and enjoy the stories and artwork in Dreamtime. But at the same time, we ask you to respect the authors and artists. If you like a picture here, or a story, a word of thanks to the creator would be greatly appreciated. And particularly in the case of the pictures, while it's easy to download things from the Web and make them your own, please remember the hard work our artists put into their creations and respect their ownership of those images.

If you'd like to submit something to Dreamtime, have a look at our guidelines.

Elsa Frohman
June 15, 1999