Birthday Present

By Rori Stevens

"It's your birthday Doctor!
I know you'll be getting
Lots of goodies today
But please take a minute
To consider my gift
And what I have to say

"I thought of getting you a diamond ring
But I know you don't care for that sort of thing
I thought of baking a chocolate cake
But that just seemed too plain a present to make

"I thought some more about what I should do,
Of what would bring the most happiness to you

"And now here I am, my head bowed to you
Presenting a gift from my soul so true:
My unconditional love, yours to keep
For when your hearts ache and you're set to weep."

He pulls me close with trembling hands
With tears in his eyes so green
He kisses my cheek and whispers that I'm
The sweetest gift he has ever seen