Here's where you start you're journey into the 35th Protocol, a collection of stories featuring all Eight Doctors. However, we think we should warn you before you proceed. "Passages" is a multimedia presentation that includes Java, animated GIFs, embeded WAV sounds and other surprises.

Sadly, it may put considerable strain on your system.

If you tend to lock up on pages that include Java or other large resource demands, you may want to select the "Text and images" only version of the page.

Or, if you would rather, you can move right along to the more traditionally presented stories.

The choice is yours.

Incidentally, if you choose the full version, give it plenty of time to load all the wavs.

Yes! I'm brave! Give me the full treatment!

I want to see the story, but I'd better have the text and images only version

Um, I'm in a hurry... On to the 35th Protocol!